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The Mid-Morning Dump: U-S-A! U-S-A!

T’s and P’s to Puerto Rico

CYCLONES GO GLOBAL Tyrese Haliburton, Geroge Conditt, and I believe Nick Weiler-Babb (Germany) are all participating in FIBA this summer. Ivan Chiriaev did not make the cut for the Russian team.

STILL GLOBETROTTING Meanwhile, the current men’s team is playing ball in the ballroom. Get up youngblood.

SUMMER CAMP Football is closer every day and that’s what matters.

BUDDY BEATS KANSAS It’s actually kind of terrifying that a bunch of grown men with 2 NBA players barely beat Kansas... Ha.. ha...

FANTASY TIME Make some wings, crack some beers, and do you research. Draft season is right around the corner.

PURDY SOON Even though the 49ers are looking like they’ll keep Purdy on the sidelines, he’s still ahead of schedule after off-season surgery.

BIG MAD Here’s the Yankees guy looking like a fool.

HAHA Shoutout to the Hateful 8, those 8 wily bastards survived, and the PAC 12(twelve) sure as hell didn’t.