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The Mid-Morning Dump: Moving on to Ohio

Tough loss in the CyHawk game

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Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

SIGHHAWK. The Cyclones lost to Iowa at home.

CAMPBELL. See what he had to say following the loss.

SATURDAY PHOTOS. Jackie at CF always nails these.

CLOCK MANAGEMENT. It had everyone frustrated, but should it have?

HIGGINS. The Cyclones may have a #1 receiver.

VOLLEYBALL. Remains undefeated no more with loss to Creighton.

SOCCOR. The Cyclones fell to Kentucky on Senior Day.

SEC SEC SEC. Texas overpowered Alabama on Saturday.

BIG 12. Good, Bad, and Ugly from the weekend.

MAJOR ICK. Michigan State is once again involved in an ugly sexual misconduct scandal.

TYLER VAN DIME. Throws 5 tuddys against Texas A&M.

DO YOU BELIEVE? That Colorado is 2-0.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL ROUNDUP. From the week that was.

NFL WEEK 1 GRADES. Cowboys A++, Vikings D-, Bears F-.

WAXED. The Cowboys crushed the Giants.

CHICAGO DOGS. Didn’t go well for the Bears.

VIKINGS. Are we just tanking this season or...

MLB. Postseason contenders.