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Three Things We Learned: Ohio

Was not a good day

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Ohio Matt Lunsford-USA TODAY Sports

Rocco Becht is Not The Problem

While the stats for Rocco may say otherwise, Becht is not the problem for this Iowa State offense. I would even argue they have kept him handcuffed trying to avoid the mistakes, when in reality they should let him sling it. Take a look at the touchdown drive in the fourth quarter. He was in command of the offense and he was pushing the ball with urgency. This team needs more of it and I think Rocco can do it.

Offensive Line Woes Continue

The offensive line continues to be a major concern. Even more than it was a week ago. When you are physically dominated by an Ohio defensive line, which by all accounts was not their strongest position group, there are a ton of issues to work through. We heard all spring and summer how this offensive line would be built on physicality and “violence.” It has not shown up one bit in three games, and, quite frankly, I don’t think we are going to see it from this group this season. They just don’t have that mean bone in their body and it will be super frustrating as the season goes on.

Special Team Problems Come Back

The kicking game issues have once again reared their ugly head. The Cyclones missed two field goals on Saturday, which would have seemingly given Iowa State the win on Saturday. If Iowa State is going to play this style of ball this season and the offense continues to struggle to score points, every single scoring opportunity becomes critical. Iowa State needs to find some consistency at the kicker spot.