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2023 Tailgate Preview: III Oklahoma State

Conference play. Here we go.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Ohio Matt Lunsford-USA TODAY Sports

Happy first day of fall, friends! Don’t really want to talk about football? That’s okay, I don’t really want to, either. As for me and my house, we will trust the process. And tailgate.

Weather: Wet

I want to put a positive spin on Saturday, but damn it…it’s just not looking good. We’ve had pretty excellent home game weather so far, so I guess this is to be expected. There’s always a chance the forecast changes before Saturday or that the weather predictions are completely wrong, but be ready for a soggy day. It might be a good time to invest in a canopy of some kind. Maybe a raincoat. Galoshes.

Food: Pizza

This one is for all the busy parents out there. If your work weeks look like mine, I know you’re running around like a crazy person all week long. You’re so busy and probably exhausted, so let’s all cut ourselves some slack, shall we? And here’s the thing about pizza - everyone likes it. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and every slice will be gobbled up before kickoff. Place your order, pick it up (and maybe grab an extra case of beer) on the way to Jack Trice, and pat yourself on the back for your efficiency. If you’re in the mood to make something homemade and in the spirit of the autumnal equinox, here’s my pumpkin pie recipe. It’s divine.

Drink: Pumpkin Beer

I love pumpkin beer and I get very excited when it starts showing up on store shelves. Stock up now and enjoy until you decide it’s time to drink Shiner Cheer.

Game: Qwixx

We had a family game night recently and pulled this gem out of the game closet. It’s fast and really fun, a good mix of luck and strategy, and can be played on a table…out of the rain.

Song: “I Wish it Would Rain”

Maybe if we play a little reverse psychology with Mother Nature, she’ll hold off on the storms until late Saturday night. We can hope? Anyway, this song has a tone that matches my feeling about football so far this season. Plus, it’s the Temptations, so it’s great. Let the harmonies and soothing, soulful vocals of David Ruffin soothe your poor little Cyclone heart.