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The Mid-Morning Dump: A Victory Monday Takes Cyclones into Hate Week

Football is so back, folks

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VICTORY. The Cyclones handled Northern Iowa, winning 30-9.

PUNT RETURNS! Special teams play looked much improved.

SATURDAY PHOTOS. Jackie at CF always nails these.

SAMA. Now that we’re into Abu Sama, we want more.

5 NUMBERS. That told the story Saturday.

VOLLEYBALL. Remains undefeated.

SOCCOR. Played a draw with UCSB.

PRIME DELIVERS. A huge upset win in Fort Worth over TCU.

GOOD, BAD, UGLY. Nice Big 12 recap from Heartland.

DREW ALLAR. And Penn State look like a real contender.

FREE HARBAUGH. Says Michigan players on Saturday.

FSU BLOWOUT. What a fun game between LSU and FSU.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL TOP 10. Wild moments from week 1.

PERFECT PAC 12. Of course the Pac 12 goes undefeated.

10 BOLD NFL PREDICTIONS. For the 2023-24 season.

SUPER BOWL. Predictions before the season begins.

FANTASY BREAKOUT. Candidates for the season.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. Wake me up when September ends.