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This Week in GIFs: Northern Iowa

Finally, the offseason is behind us

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

The 2022 season started on a high note, but it was all downhill from there.

Cyclone fans couldn’t wait for the news that Tom Manning was fired, which we eventually got!

And then Matt Campbell hired a special teams coach!


Cyclone fans spent months looking for Cyclone Larry.

All of a sudden, there were rumors that Iowa State players had bet on sports.

And then we waited. Forever. With no news. Just Rumors.

Everyone to the Iowa DCI:

Conference realignment hell broke lose again, and everyone wrote the Big 12 off a little too early.

Oh and there was lots of silly beer stuff too.

The season began with... a ticketing debacle.

But everything else was great. Rocco Becht looked good.

Jeremiah Cooper stole from Theo Day twice.

The defense in general gave people feelings.

And so did all 14 tight ends the Cyclone offense used.

Cyclone fans watching punt returns gain positive yardage like:

That Contreraz 56-yard field goal was almost too much for us.

We also watched a QB sneak from under center.

In all, it was a perfect boring opener. On to Iowa.