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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hilton Magic x2

Women’s Basketball starts 4-0 in Big 12 play after an amazing comeback.

LOSE AT HOME? NAH At one point, West Virginia has a 98.1% chance of winning.

CAN YOU TAKE ME HIGHER Gymnastics has been on their way up so far this season.

THE GOAT After yesterday it is now 601 and there is still more to go. Congrats Coach!

EXCUSE ME Okay so this is how hard the Big 12 is going to be. Bring it.

IT IS MARCH Lots of March Madness vibes from college basketball this week.

FINALS PREVIEW? Both No. 1 seeds put on an absolute clinic today.

THIS IS TOO GOOD It’s such a long story, but please look up the Flyers and Kevin Hayes.