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Litecast: KU at Hilton, Otz vs Tang, and The Brock Purdy Super Bowl

What a week that was, huh?

Matt is out of town so managing editor Levi Stevenson joins Austin Keeney to talk about last weekend’s environment at Hilton for the Kansas game, the continued improvement of this Iowa State team, and if there’s a path to a conference title. Of course the big story of the week was the drama from the Kansas State game, so we had to get through the worst takes from Wildcat fans and why Iowa Sate is not at fault for defending themselves. Lastly, Brock Purdy is a starting QB in the Super Bowl, and that’s pretty great. We break down the NFC championship game and contextualize what it means for Iowa State to have a QB starting the big game. Join our Discord and find us on the Ten12 Podcast Network!