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The Mid-Morning Dump: Black Monday, CFP Title Game, and Winter Storm Finn

Looks like the snow is finally here

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ROAD LOSS. Iowa State falls by 8 in Norman.

TJ TALKS. The final four minutes of the OU loss.

FOOTBALL MAILBAG. Lot’s to discuss moving into 2024.

WRASTLIN’. Tops Arizona State and Cal Baptist.

BASTIDA AND CHITTUM. Shine in wrestling action over the weekend,

TWISTER SISTERS. Are 3-0 in Big 12 play.

GYMNASTICS. ISU opened the Ashley Miles Greig era with a win.

BIG SNOW. Is coming our way. folks.

HAPPY BLACK MONDAY! Here is your tracker for all the firings around the NFL.

RIVERBOAT RON. Has been fired by the Commanders.

ART SMITH. Has also been fired by Atlanta.

CFP TITLE. Michigan and Washington go at it tonight.

HOW TO WATCH. Here is all 1284583417393 watching options on ESPN for the game.

PLAYOFFS!? We CAN talk about the playoffs. Here is the bracket and schedule.

FIELDS SAYS GOODBYE. He may be done in Chicago.

DRAYMOND. Was apparently talked out of retirement by Adam Silver.

NBA TRADE PREDICTIONS. With the deadline 1 month away.