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Men’s Basketball Preview: We’re talkin’ Texas

Horns Down 4 Lyfe

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Baylor Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Last Time Out

Well, that game was weird, huh? After a frustrating first half outside of Keshon Gilbert’s halftime buzzer beater, the Cyclones would go on a 20-0 run to lead by 7 with about 8 minutes left in the game.

Iowa State struggled mightily in the last four minutes of the game, ultimately being about a tenth of a second short of stealing a win in Waco. I expect more Cyclone shenanigans in Austin on the worst network in television.

About Texas

Are we sure Rodney Terry is the guy for this job? After Chris Beard put together the transfer avengers, and being err... dishonorably discharged, Texas hired interim coach Rodney Terry to the full-time gig.

I saw him get absolutely outcoached at Hilton Coliseum last year, and that Longhorn team basically folded. Some of that Beard transfer treasure trove remains, but once that talent runs out, Terry could be in some trouble.

Texas is currently 4-5 and in conference play, their best win probably coming in Norman where they beat the Sooners by 15 on the road. The Longhorns have the 22nd best offense according to KenPom, and gulp, are a top 25 team at shooting the 3-ball, 37.3% from beyond the arc as a team.

(Unless Iowa State plays Texas in Kansas City, this could also be the last time Iowa State plays the Longhorns for the foreseeable future. Also, likely the last time an Iowa State game will be on Longhorns Network, rest in piss LHN)

Opposing Player to Watch

Do I even have to say it? I’ll guess most Cyclones will be fixated on number 4 for the Horns. Tyrese Hunter chased a bag but ended up at one of the three schools (Kansas, Iowa and Texas) that would turn Cyclone Nation against him.

Tyrese Hunter hasn’t really evolved much since his freshman year, and I think Tamin Lipsey playing like an All-Conference player softens the blow. Nevertheless, that point guard matchup will be something to keep an eye on.

Pick 3

  1. Double technical fouls at some point
  2. Lots of free throws
  3. Frantic google searching of “How to illegally stream Longhorn Network” about 15 minutes before tip-off.

Score Prediction

Iowa State- 64

Texas- 68