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#7 Iowa State Vs #2 Iowa Wrestling Duel Preview

Kevin Dresser VS Tom Brands, Iowa State VS Iowa, Cy vs Herky. Who will come out as the winner? And who sent Tom Brands those oranges to his office? Come find out more on this preview!

Kelsey Kremer/The Register, Des Moines Register via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Welcome to the Main Event

Before I get to the preview of the Iowa State Vs Iowa wrestling duel, I wanted to post a little tidbit of information that came out this week. My colleague Sam Phillips dropped a Youtube video about the relationship between Tom Brands and Kevin Dresser. I would highly suggest watching that before the duel. It is an eye-opener and I’m surprised that this wasn’t made sooner. Let's just say that Kevin and Tom will not be going out to have a beer anytime soon. Below is the video, but beware, there is cussing and oranges are not just fruit in this video. You have been warned...

Now back to the preview.

Time and Where to watch:

Sunday December 4th 1:30 PM CT

Big Ten Network (BTN)

Projected Lineup (Or so Iowa Says...)

Rankings are based on 3 different sites WIN/Intermat/AWN. Ranking shall be listed by wrestlers. Iowa State wrestlers are on the left and Iowa wrestlers will be on the right.

125: Kysen Terukina (16/19/15) Vs. Aidan Harris

133: Ramazan Attasauov OR Zach Redding (14/15/14) Vs. Cullan Schriever

141: Casey Swiderski (7/12/10) Vs. Drew Bennett OR Real Woods (3/2/3)

149: Paniro Johnson (13/8/9) Vs. Max Murin (7/6/7)

157: Jason Kraisser Vs. Cobe Siebrecht (20/25/14) OR Caleb Rathjen

165: David Carr (3/3/3) Vs. Patrick Kennedy (15/13/16)

174: Julien Broderson (-/23/-) Vs. Nelson Brands (19/15/18)

184: Marcus Coleman (5/5/5) Vs. Abe Assad (10/8/8)

197: Yonger Bastida (6/6/6) Vs. Jacob Warner (5/2/3)

285: Sam Schuyler (9/10/10) Vs. Tony Cassioppi (5/4/4)

Notable Mentions:

  • Iowa’s wrestlers Spencer Lee (125), Brody Teske (133) and Real Woods (141) have not been wrestling and healing up on injuries. Real Woods is finally on the depth chart. Tom Brands is often known for putting a depth chart out but putting another wrestler out that wasn’t listed so keep your eyes open.
  • Iowa State Wrestler Zach Redding has been starting at 133 this year but it looks like Ramazan Attasauov has a chance to start. Although Zach has been solid this year, Ramazan will be up to the task. He started all last year and was very productive.
  • At 174, Iowa State Wrestler Julien Broderson has so far won the job over Joel Devine. Last weekend, Julien and Joel participated in the Cyclone Open and in the championship round, Julien and Joel wrestled. Julien was victorious over Joel 6-5.

Which Matches to Watch?

ALL OF THEM OF COURSE! I’m serious, all these matches from start to finish will be extremely fun and important. At 125, if Kysen doesn’t have to wrestler Spencer Lee, then he must get bonus points because every single point will matter at the end. If he does have to Wrestle Spencer Lee, do not give up any bonus points. As much as an optimist as I am, I have to also be unbiased and a realist in this situation. You can hate him as much as possible, still will not change that he is one hell of a wrestler. Same goes with 133 and Brody Teske. 141 and 149 will be an absolute blast to watch. Casey Swiderski and Paniro Johnson will be tested by Real Woods and Max Murin. Both freshman will experience the true nature of Iowa State/Iowa duel. I believe they are up for the task. In the 157 weight class, Jason Kraisser may not be ranked but do not put this match up as an Iowa victory. He has had a great summer and I am eager to see him in action in this matchup.

At 165 David Carr will be going against Patrick Kennedy but (which we talked about in the podcast on Spotify) Patrick is a very attack happy wrestler and that will play in David’s favor. I also talked on the podcast that at 174, Julien could really cement himself in that weight class with a win over Nelson Brands. At 184, Marcus Coleman on paper is going against Abe Assiad who is rated 10/8/8 but Marcus Coleman I predict that he will come out of this match unscathed. He has been wrestling at a high level and you will see this on display. The match that could set the world on fire is the rematch of Yonger Bastida and Jacob Warner. As you remember, Bastida beat Warner at last years duel 4-2. This match is going to be a firework show. And last but not least, Sam Schuyler will be up against a stout Tony Cassioppi. Last years match ended in a bit of controversy with 3 stalling calls against Schuyler which is a means of disqualification. It will be a difficult task to get the win against Cassioppi but he has improved dramatically since the last time they went against each other.


As I think about this matchup, it looks like Iowa should get the win but WAIT... Do you hear that? Is that a siren I hear? Oh boy, I better let the people at Carver Hawkeye know that theres a Cyclone weather alert in that area!

Final Prediction:

Iowa State- 18 Iowa- 15

If you don’t already know, Sam Phillips and I have a podcast on Spotify called Sudden Victory Podcast. We put out a podcast every Thursday with recaps/reactions and looking into the next duels/tournaments as well as news in the wrestling world. We are also on discord so come join the Cyclone wrestling family.

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