There are many hidden cities in Russia

FactsOne third of the people of Russia believe that the sun revolves around the Earth ... Yes, this is true. There are also such people in Russia who send the first aircraft to space. There are many hidden cities in Russia even today ... There are at least 15 such cities within Russia which have been kept hidden from the whole world. . Driving dirty cars in Russia is a crime ... Now all those Indians who never wash their cars, this news is especially for them.statue

Thank you to WRNL


I wanted to thank everyone who has voted for the Colfax video in the attached link. For no other reason than the 1:36 mark of the Colfax video #ANF

First NCAA Coaches Panel Released


The first of four Coaches Panel rankings, which make up 1 of the 3 components used to determine NCAA allocations, were released today. Four Cyclones were included in the rankings. A more in depth article on allocation projections will be posted once the 2nd ranking and first RPI come out in February 133: Ian Parker is 19th 141: Kann Storr is 14th 149: Jarrett Degen is 18th 285: Marcus Harrington is 33rd

Excellent article about Joel Lanning


I enjoyed reading about Lanning, maybe you will, too.

Cole Netten Demolishes his Doubters on Twitter


Cole Netten didn't forget all of the fans who talked badly about him during his career. Now, after a record-setting career at kicker for Iowa State, he's the one with the last laugh.

Iowa State Debuts "Storm" Uniforms


Officially in "anthracite" color according to Nike, these uniforms are straight fire.

2x All American Earl Hall granted another year of eligibility by NCAA


Iowa State 133 pounder Earl Hall will be back next season after being granted an extra year of eligibility. He spent two years at the Olympic Training Center prior to coming to Iowa State origionally one of those years was counted against his clock.