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Tsalmpouris Turns Pro in Greece

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Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you call the Big Greek Experiment a success or a failure, call it over. According to, the 7’1" three-point-chucker will return to his home country to play for Athlitiki Enosis Constantinoupoleos in Athens.

While the move seemed inevitable after *sigh* Fred Hoiberg left for the bright lights and shiny deep dish pizzas of Chicago, Tsalmpouris had left the door open on him returning to Ames, telling Luke Winn of SI in July he was, "probably coming back to college."

Even though Tsalbo averaged only 1.4 ppg and 0.8 rpg in 8 games for the Cyclones, his double-bacon-cheeseburger-gorging and complete-aversion-to-the-lane ways earned him fan favorite status during his short lived career at Iowa State.

Tsalmpouris will join the Queen Union Double-Headed Eagle Yellow-Blacks (which are a totally real thing) of AEK BC, whose 2014-15 roster included the likes of former NBA-ers Pops Mensah-Bonsu and Scotty Wilbekin, and will add former Kentucky Wildcat Daniel Orton for the upcoming season. AEK BC finished 5th in the Greek League in their latest campaign.