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BREAKING: Gary Barta leaving University of Iowa to pursue career as full-time lawsuit defendant

Finally, Gary Barta has found his true calling.

Gary Barta Asks Taxpayers to Fund Settlement: Cites Lawsuit Disparity Between Iowa and Iowa State as Reason

The other schools in Iowa haven’t been pulling their weight

Full Details of Brian Ferentz’s Amended Contract Released

We took a look at the fine print and what we found will shock you.

ESPN Announces Additions to Megacast

ESPN is really pulling out all the stops for the National Title Game

SOURCES: Matt Campbell Considering Brian Ferentz as Adopted Son and Offensive Coordinator

A classic 2-for-1 that helps everyone involved.

SATIRE: Kirk Ferentz to take 23andMe test to find new offensive coordinator

Ferentz looks to be keeping it in the family.

Iowa Announces Change at Quarterback

This article is satire, which means it isn’t real

University of Iowa Announces Partnership with SWARM Collective

A big step forward for the university in the new age of NIL.

Iowa Hangs Banner For Undefeated Streak Against Ohio St. From 2014-2021

You Get a Banner, You Get a Banner, You Get a Banner!

An Open Letter to the Big 12 Because They Didn’t Ask For Our Permission Earlier

Dear Mr. Bowlsby...

Iowa Issues Cease and Desist to Anyone Wearing Black Uniforms

It was only a matter of time before this happened

WRNL Issues Letter to ESPN Containing Additional Grievances

You mess with bull you get the horns (down).

Meet Jake Brend, who’s raised at least $60 for charity after making use of new NIL Laws

Jake tried to do some good in this world, so naturally it’s time for him to be cancelled.

Gary Barta Upset at Des Moines Register for Only Covering Iowa Athletic Department Lawsuits

It appears the Register is one sided on both sides

Some of the best Twitter reactions to the McCaffery satire article

Our favorite reactions from an article that caused quite a stir

SATIRE: Fran McCaffery Forces Connor McCaffery Into Transfer Portal

It sounds like Fran is fed up with paying Connor’s rent

Enough with the Transfers. Let’s Build the Right Way.

It seems we’re pretty quick to praise this new "coach".

Sources: Brian Ferentz emerging as candidate for NY Jets head coaching position

Bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it plays out.

Fran McCaffery’s Face Shield Usage Could Cause Issues for Local Plastic Manufacturer

The risk of a COVID outbreak isn’t the only threat to Iowa’s basketball season.

Iowa Band Disappointed in Missed Opportunity to Leave a Stadium Correctly for Once

The Marching Hawkeyes were looking forward to their redemption story.

REPORT: Matt Campbell to start OnlyFans account to offset salary cuts

It was only a matter of time ladies (and gents)

Gary Barta Nearing Settlement Goal of $10 Million Dollars

With this goal in sight, will Iowa aim for an even larger number?

Iowa AD Gary Barta pledges to temporarily stop getting sued in order to clear budget space for Athletics Department

A bold, brave move by the man in charge in Iowa City.

Iowa Democrats Under Fire For Using Big 12 Refs to Certify Caucus Results

It was a long night for all involved.

Baylor bench to be seated outside for clash in Hilton Coliseum

Well, well, well, well, how the turntables...

Hilton Corners Ready for ISU Players to Step Out of Bounds Tonight vs Kansas

The Cyclones have cornered the stepping out-of-bounds market.

Chip & Joanna Gaines to renovate McLane Stadium, replace iconic tarps with shiplap.

The home renovation power couple are taking on their largest Waco-based disaster yet.

Iowa State Announces Plans to Host 2020 BET Marching Band Classic

Another big-time event is headed to Jack Trice Stadium

University of Iowa Mistakenly Prepares For College GameDay on Campus

Turns out GameDay isn’t all about them.

University of Iowa to Add Kirkwood CC Championship Banners to Football Practice Facility

This move has strengthened the Admissions Partnership Program between the two schools.

Iowa Issues Retaliatory Trademarks Against Ohio State

Clone Cone Machine Commits to Iowa State Football

The Cyclones have added some bulk to their defensive line.