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The Analytics Corner

Where all of WRNL's analytical breakdowns go!

WRNL Insights: The Most Obvious Matchup

When Oklahoma State comes to town on Saturday they'll be a defense first team. And that's good for Iowa State.

WRNL Insights: Moving on Sideways

A loss in Waco resets the season but there are clear areas of improvement that will allow ISU to reach their goals.

WRNL Insights: How 2021 Has Looked So Far

The expansion into analytics in college football has been hot the past three years. With advanced stats becoming more accepted in the sport it only makes sense to check in on the 2021 Cyclones and their progress through the non-conference slate.

Do Returning Offensive Line Starts Matter?

The injury to Jake Campos takes out Iowa State’s only experienced offensive lineman, but if history is any indication, the Cyclones might end up surviving the 2016 season.

Why Staying on Schedule Matters

Why staying on schedule matters to the most successful teams in college football, and how Iowa State can improve in that area.

The Key to a Bowl: Winning the Middle

Tom Herman helped build a power running team in Ames, and Mark Mangino has yet to rekindle that magic, so how does Coach Mangino pull off the impossible and send the Cyclones bowling?