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WRNL PAC - Iowa State For Big 12 In 2012!

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WRNL PAC: So Now We Come To The End, Tech

The final installment of WRNL PAC, where your correspondents approach madness in the wasteland of West Texas and collapse on Texas Tech's doorstep.

WRNL PAC: This Is Your Brain On TCU

WRNL PAC: Announcing a Running Mate

WRNL PAC: Where's the Earth Certificate, Oklahoma?

WRNL PAC: Occupy Stillwater

WRNL PAC: Kansas State's Mascot Is A Crime

WRNL PAC: Kansas State is soft on crime, wrong for the Big XII (also, possibly possessed by the devil)

WRNL PAC: Jayhawks Coming Home to Roost

Jayhawks Coming Home to Roost. WRNL PAC investigates Kansas and finds the Jayhawks are too big to fail.

WRNL PAC: Countdown to Armageddon

WRNL PAC: Countdown to Armageddon - Texas pushed the Big 12 to the brink of destruction. WRNL pushes back with a good old-fashioned political smear campaign.

WRNL PAC: Why Won't You Repudiate TARP, Baylor?

Why Won't You Refudiate TARP, Baylor? WRNL PAC goes on the attack!

WRNL PAC: It's Morning In The Big XII

It's Morning In The Big XII: WRNL forms a PAC to promote Iowa State for your 2012 Big XII champions.